I have Telus’ Optik TV (which is similar to Verizon’s, I gather from my research).  It comes with an Actiontec V1000H router.  In previous setups I had used an Apple router and was happy with it.  I thought about replacing the Actiontec wireless with the Apple Airport wireless, but it took a number of visits from Telus technicians to get Optik TV working properly so I do not want to mess with their basic configuration.

The problem with the Actiontec is that it does not play nice with Bonjour.  I used Actiontec powerline ethernet to wire the Apple TV and my Mac (and also my PS3) because of some deadspots in the house. My iPhone, iPad and Macbook (and wife’s cheap Android phone) are are wireless.  My wired Apple devices could see each other, and my Apple wireless devices could  see each other, but a wireless Apple device could not see an Apple wired device, and the reverse.  After a lot of time spent on the internet, the problem appears to be the Actiontec router.  It does not play nice with multicast services such as Bonjour.  My research indicated that IGMP Proxy on the Actiontec router was probably  the source of the trouble.

The Telus branded Actiontec router does not allow you disable the IGMP proxy when you login under Admin.  Fortunately I found this login information to access hidden commands:

(old firmware 31.30L.48)
username: root
password: m3di@r00m!

(new firmware 31.30L.55)
username: root
password: Thr33scr33n!

My firmware is 31.30L.57, and the above password for root worked.  (There are other secret logins, such as tech, but that did not give me access to the IGMP Proxy settings).  I dug through the Advanced settings until I found IGMP Proxy.  I disabled it, then hit apply.

Voila, all my Apple devices were able to see each other, whether wired or wireless.  Life is great – right?

Disabling IGMP Proxy, unfortunately, interfered with our Telus Optik TV (IPTV) service.  So I had to re-enable IGMP Proxy.  Mysteriously, though, even though I had turned IGMP Proxy back on, all my Apple devices can see each other, whether they are wired or wireless.  Odd, but there you go.

As for DLNA, my wired PS3 only sees my DLNA server installed on my Mac if my Mac is using wifi rather than ethernet connection.  This is regarless whether I use Playback or Medialink as the DLNA server.  I am not sure whether this is an Actiontec problem or something inherent in the Playback or Medialink code.  My problem with Bonjour had been that the wired Apple devices to see each other, and the Apple wireless devices could see each other, but a wired Apple device could not see an Apple wireless device and the reverse.  With DLNA, the problem is different – the wired PS3 only sees it when the DLNA server is wireless.